As a leading residential drywall contractor in the province, we maintain high standards of quality while also keeping a tight schedule. We believe that innovative systems and effective processes set us apart from the rest.


On Time all the Time

Right from the estimating stage on through scheduling, construction and service work, our fully integrated systems enable our team to access, maintain and update detailed real time information on each and every job, whether in the office or out in the field. The result: timely estimates from the very start, seamless adjustments, prompt change order pricing and accurate progress submissions.


Always on Track

Accountable site management is crucial to any successful project: that’s why we ensure that each job site has a dedicated supervisor. We believe that jobs proceed most smoothly when our entire team, from foremen up to senior management, is actively engaged with our customers, and trades maintaining communication at multiple points of contact. No matter the job, there is always an Empire team member ready to listen and empowered to assist.


Getting The Job Done

With the right tools and preparation, getting the job done right becomes easy.  We strongly believe this and take this approach every day.  We use only the highest caliber of trades-people and we ensure that our sites are fully ready and prepared for them to do what they do best.


Ensuring Compliance

Working safely goes hand in hand with maintaining the project schedule.    While accidents can happen we attempt to eliminate potential risks by having our safety officers visit the sites on a regular occurrence to ensure compliance with the General Contractor’s safety plan and OH&S guidelines.  Our safety program strives to achieve a workplace with zero incidents or injuries.


Quality Control

Quality control is an integral part of our operation.  Our foremen thoroughly check every aspect of the site prior to commencing our scope of work to identify any potential issues before we get started.  We also do a formal QC check after each stage of our scope of work to ensure compliance with the plans and specifications.  This also includes full light checks of finishing work and texture work done by a qualified QC foreman to ensure consistent wall and ceiling quality.  Every job must meet the Empire Standard.


Immediate Support

We know that not every job will go perfect and we are here to help.  Our team of dedicated foremen and QC staff are only a quick phone call, email or text away.  With immediate service offered within 24 hours, help is always just around the corner.  We are pleased to employ the right people with the proper tools to complete the job.