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As a leading residential drywall contractor in the province, we maintain high standards of quality while also keeping a tight schedule. We believe that employing the best people along with innovative systems and effective processes set us apart from the rest.

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Application of spray foam insulation provides home and building owners with outstanding energy efficiency, superior comfort, enhanced indoor air quality, enhanced moisture management and added structural integrity. Empire’s experienced team of certified applicators will ensure optimal R-values with either half-pound open cell or two-pound closed cell polyurethane foam.

  • Exterior walls for best thermal insulating
  • Interior walls for sound
  • Ceilings/attics for best heat retention
  • Joist spaces and cantilevers for a proper air seal in tight spaces
  • Frost walls
  • Under-slab foam for radon seal

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We perform all types of insulation products and services based on the customer’s desired needs, project requirements and building code.

  • Fibreglass and mineral wool batt insulation
  • Wall Bar and Hi Bar
  • Blown-in attic insulation, fibreglass and cellulose
  • Soundproofing

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With over 47 years experience in the business, Empire provides an outstanding service experience to every type of builder. We have the people, experience and systems to successfully deliver on any project, including:

  • New home construction
  • Garage, basement or renovation
  • Drywall repairs and service

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Whether you’re building a modest duplex, a palatial custom home or anything in between, Empire will ensure immaculate quality, tailoring the level of the finish to meet your specifications:

  • Walls: Paint ready and level five
  • Corners: Square bead, round bead or Chamfer bead
  • Ceilings: Regular texture, splatter texture, knockdown texture or level five

All taping jobs are thoroughly inspected by our team of quality control specialists who aim to exceed new home warranty and builder standards.

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Empire’s professionals deliver premiere quality interior and exterior paint on every job. For best results, all interior surfaces are sprayed, back-rolled and cut in. When our drywall and taping services are augmented with our painting service, the synergistic blend of these two teams leads to outstanding results that provide the highest quality finishes of your walls and ceilings. Let Empire take your walls from framing right through to occupancy.

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